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Kasia Krawczyk

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My name is Kasia and I am the owner of MadeByMe Co., a Toronto-based business. I make small-batch, locally-sourced, handmade vegan soaps, skin products and soy candles.


The path that lead me to soap making started unexpectedly. Back at the end of 2018, a friend of mine bought me a homemade soap. It looked and smelled incredible, but I found that it included an animal-based glycerin. As a budding vegetarian at the time, I wanted to look for alternative products that were cruelty-free. 


I explored other options in the city, but I couldn’t find anything that matched the benefits and ingredients I was searching for. I have always been a creative person, and my friends would say I would see any obstacle as an invitation to challenge, so in my mind, the natural next step was to attempt to make my own. 


I did my own research and development, and by Christmas the following year, I was able to give my friends my first successful batches of handmade soaps, and they loved it! Encouraged by the positive feedback, and also maybe slightly addicted to the hands-on process of soap making, I dedicated more of my time and effort to test and refine my recipes. 


I’m very proud now to be able to present to clients with cruelty-free, clean, moisturizing soaps that use natural and simple ingredients that they probably have in their kitchens! Each batch is made by my hand and tested on my skin (and nose!) for what I felt were the perfect smell and ingredient combinations. I make small batches as well to ensure that I’m mindful of wastage, as contributing towards a sustainable future is also very important to me. All my soaps do not contain any harsh chemicals that are harmful for your skin or the environment 


It all began with a gift, but I doubt my friend expected that her present would explode into a project that I’ve become so passionate about. It’s been a wonderful journey of discovery, including attending markets and meeting other exciting creators, as well as my wonderful customers.


All of my products are made with locally-sourced materials. They are handmade, vegan, and environmentally friendly. I can’t wait for you to try them!


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