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The Mooi Story

Studio Mooi Founder and Owner Tanya Todd

Tanya Todd

Founder, Owner

In some ways, Studio Mooi is the culmination of two different career paths. I initially went to school to become an arts teacher, to combine my love of the arts with my passion for helping others learn and grow. But after many years of teaching in Canada, I decided to pause my teaching career, as my husband, Marko, and I took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in the South of France. I quickly realized that I needed to do something to find meaning within my new community. So I dusted off my old sewing machine and began to make items to stock an Etsy shop. I also met a shopkeeper who was interested in my work and I started to sell on consignment in her store. My second career had begun!

This was the first time I really saw the arts as a way to build a network, and in the years since we left France, I've seen it happen time and time again. We were transferred many times over the years—to Switzerland, to New Jersey, to Amsterdam and back to Toronto—and I had to learn to create new communities each time. As Marko and I welcomed our three kids, this became even more important, given how isolating parenthood can be. 

After our last move, back to our hometown, I knew I wanted to use both my teaching background and my artistic skill set to build something that would help others to find the networks—and meaning—they need in their lives. It isn't always easy to find a place to belong, whether you're new to an area or have lived somewhere forever. Studio Mooi aims to use the creative arts to do just that—to help you find your people. Come and see for yourself. We can't wait to meet you.

Tanya Todd

 Owner, Studio Mooi

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